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Long Island Pellet Fuel delivers premium-grade pellet fuel directly to your door. Or stop by our door for local pickup. We are conveniently located in Bohemia, New York. We deliver top quality fuel directly to your home (local pickup also available).
Forget the headaches - Why? Because LongIslandPelletFuel.com has the most reliable, convienent, and affordable source of pellet fuel!

Why go to Long Island Pellet Fuel?

We provide one of the most cost-efficient ways to heat your home. Pellet fuel actually costs less than traditional oil and gas heating systems. While the cost of these fossil fuels are continually on the rise, wood pellet fuel’s price remains stable. This makes pellet fuel cost-effective short-term as well as long-term. Our wood pellets are also a clean source of renewable energy, 100% natural, and easy to use.

Why Are More Long Islanders Switching to Pellet Fuel?

It is no secret that our Long Island economy has been going through a difficult time. Naturally, when money is tight everyone looks for ways to cut costs. Additionally, with the volatile nature of oil and gas prices everyone is looking for a cheaper fuel alternative.  Homeowners are considering alternative heat sources and wood pellet fireplaces have become an excellent solution to the problem. These fireplaces run on wood pellet fuel and/or wood bricks.

Not only are Wood Pellet fireplaces efficient, but they also have relatively less impact on the environment than other sources of heat. 

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What Some of Our Customers Are Saying...

Thank you for the prompt delivery. With Oil prices so high on Long Island my wood pellet stove is saving me hundereds of dollars monthly.    
Mike R. Bohemia

Just wanted to thank the folks at Long Island Pellet Fuel.  Not only were your prices great but your customer service person answered all of my questions. The time she took working with me is greatly appreciated.
Stephanie K. West Islip